Ilim Group holds business negotiations and discusses plastic-free future during London Pulp Week

As part of the London pulp week that is traditionally held in London in November, Ilim Group held several meetings with its European and Asian partners

Группа «Илим» в ходе London Pulp Week провела деловые переговоры и обсудила будущее без пластика

As part of the London pulp week that is traditionally held in London in November, Ilim Group, Russia’s largest manufacturer of pulp and paper products, held several meetings with its European and Asian partners, including such largest consumers of pulp and paper products as Hayat Kimya (Turkey), Enercell (South Korea), Europcell (Germany), Fornaroli (Italy), Arctic Paper (Poland), etc.

“From the business point of view, the time chosen for the London Pulp Week is the best possible option both in terms of negotiating with the partners for the next year, as well as summarizing the results for the current year, and receiving market forecasts from the lead global analysts’’, said Timofey Sokolenko, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Supply Chain Management, Ilim Group. “We have a tradition to meet with our partners during this event to update our business-plans, get the feedback on quality of our products, adjust supply volumes and determine the current logistics needs”.

Every year Ilim Group participates in the London Pulp Week and over many years it has sponsored the Hawkings Wright conference, a symposium held as part of the London Pulp Week that brings together manufacturers, economists, environmental engineers and distributors, where speakers exchange views on development of the pulp and paper industry, its present and future. This year the conference was focused on the review of the global trends in the pulp and paper market, opportunities for the pulp and paper industry development in the context of global walk-away from plastic and responsible approach to the forest being the key resource of the industry.

Ilim is currently implementing a large-scale USD 3 billion worth investment program aimed to upgrade and expand the capacities of its mills to meet the increasing demand for paperboard and pulp. By 2024, the aggregate production output of finished products will increase by another 40% to reach 4.4 million tons, with the Asian market being the key consumer.

Moreover, such upgrade will help Ilim not only to increase its production volumes but also to improve the quality of its products, implement cutting-edge automation and digitalization technologies and global best practices in environment and sustainable forest management.

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London Pulp Week 2019 is the largest industry event that brings together not only European pulp manufacturers, but also equipment manufacturers, global distributors, analytical agencies and business participants from all over the world. This is a traditional event bringing the largest players in the P&P and forestry industry to London.