Ilim Group meets Indian paper traders

On April 25, 2019, Ilim Group representatives met with a delegation of the Federation of Paper Traders’ Associations of India in Saint Petersburg.

Группа «Илим» встретилась с бумажными трейдерами Индии

The meeting was attended by more than forty paper and board traders and allowed the parties to discuss opportunities for cooperation expansion.


Timofey Sokolenko, Senior Vice-President, Sales and Supply Chain Management, Ilim Group spoke about Ilim’s plans to develop its manufacturing facilities, increase production volumes and expand its pulp and paper product mix in the next five years.


“At present, Ilim Group is implementing a large-scale investment program to increase its overall annual production volumes by 1 million tons. We are upgrading the existing facilities and building a new pulp and paperboard mill in Siberia. The Asian market is strategically important for us in terms of new volumes distribution. Therefore, we are evaluating the potential of the rapidly developing Indian market, where we see opportunities for development of our business relationship,” said Timofey Sokolenko.

At the end of the meeting Ilim Group representatives and the delegates of the Federation of Paper Traders’ Associations of India expressed the hope for a future mutually beneficial cooperation.

Reference information

Ilim Group is one of the leaders of the pulp and paper industry globally. The annual production output of Ilim Group exceeds 3.4 million tons of pulp and paper products, which are supplied to more than 70 countries worldwide. Our strategic focus area is the growing Asian market. By 2023 Ilim plans to increase its export to Asia by 60% upon implementation of its large -scale investment program aimed at increase of Ilim’s overall annual production volumes up to 4.4 million tons.

The Federation of Paper Traders’ Associations of India (FPTA) was established in 1953. The FPTA members are at the same time the members of the Steering Committees of various Indian governmental bodies related to paper trading. FPTA has 36 subsidiaries totally in India with 8,000 members involved in paper trading.