Ilim continues to sponsor the London Pulp Week

Every year Ilim Group participates in the London Pulp Week

«Илим» по традиции выступил спонсором Лондонской недели целлюлозы

Every year Ilim Group participates in the London Pulp Week (LPW), and over many years it has sponsored the Hawkings Wright conference, a symposium held as part of the London Pulp Week. This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic this conference was held online.

On November 11-12, 2020, the floor was given to pulp and paper manufacturers, economists, analysts, and distributors. The key topics covered by the conference included global trends in the packaging market amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical changes (US presidential elections) and their impact on relations with China, as well as environmental and sustainable forest management issues.

Ilim is currently implementing a large-scale investment program worth USD 3 billion aimed to upgrade and expand the mill capacities to meet the increasing demand for paperboard and pulp. By 2025, the aggregate output of finished products will increase by another 40% to reach 4.5 million tons, with the Asian market being the key consumer. The upgrade will also help Ilim not only to increase its production volumes but also to improve the quality of its products, implement cutting-edge automation and digitalization technologies and global best practices in environment and sustainable forest management.

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London Pulp Week 2020 is the largest industry event that brings together not only European pulp manufacturers, but also equipment manufacturers, global distributors, analysts and businesses from all over the world. This conference in London is traditionally attended by the largest players in the P&P and forestry industry.