Responsible forest management

Ilim Group is committed to practicing responsible forest management. Ilim is a leader in voluntary forest management certification with all of its leased timberlands
of 6 million ha certified in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council standards®

55 000  ha
annual reforestation efforts coverage
7,9 million ha
leased timberlands
12  million m3
Harvesting volume


The Company’s total harvesting area is about 40,000 hectares per year. The entire area is covered by the Company’s reforestation activities. Ilim plans to maximize the use of ball-rooted planting stock. In 2016, Ilim experts performed reforestation work on leased timberland in the Irkutsk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda Oblasts, Komi Republic, and Krasnoyarsk Territory. Over 3 million of pine and spruce seedlings and 1600 thousand kilograms of pine and spruce seeds were planted as part of the effort to create forest plantations. Tending of young stands was carried out over an area exceeding 5,000 ha.

Forest Certification

All of Ilim’s leased timberlands of 6 million ha are certified in accordance with standards.

  • FSC (FSC-C129100,FSC-C129102,FSC-C129099),
  • PEFCTM (NC-PEFC/FM-023735,NC-PEFC/FM-023019, NC-PEFC/FM-023737)


Ilim Group makes information on its environmental activity available to the public. That is why the Company annually publishes reports on environment and sustainable forest management

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